Western intellectuals and the Maoist tyranny — Theodore Dalrymple

Communist dictatorships, Dalrymple points out, were at their most popular among Western intellectuals while they still had the courage of their brutality. Once they settled down to grey, everyday oppression and relatively minor acts of violent repression (judged by their own former standards), they ceased to attract the extravagant praises of those intellectuals who, in […]

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UTT Throwback Thursday: President Should Drop Pakistan as Ally — The Counter Jihad Report

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, Sept. 21, 2017: It is being reported that President Trump is considering dropping Pakistan as a U.S. “ally” due to their obvious support for “terrorism.” It’s about time. The Quranic Concept of War – written in 1989 by a Brigadier General SK Malik of the Pakistani army with the forward by the Army […]

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Capitalism and conservatives — Dark age news network

Conservatives of the American nation have an undeniable love affair with capitalism. But what has it gotten them? Does it even make sense for them to love it? This all makes sense when you actually realize that there are no conservatives in America. At least not enough to really influence anything. What American Conservatism claims […]

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Britain’s bone-headed prison system — A dose of Theodore Dalrymple

Many British jails, writes Dalrymple, are characterised by squalor, moral and physical brutality lack of any rehabilitative function whatsoever Harmless convicts are sometimes sent to wings with the worst criminals, some of them in the Hannibal Lecter class. The prison officers are indifferent to their plight, when they do not derive pleasure from it. Daily […]

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Myanmar’s So called Rohingya Question by Dr. Jacques Leider — The Muslim Issue

Chittagong terrorists referred to as Rohingya, and infiltrated into Myanmar along with civilians (exactly what is happening with the European ‘migrant crisis’), are again circulating in the media. Rohingya is, as usual, painted as innocent victims. Nothing of the kind. Dr Jacques Leider clarifies that the Rohingya was not even known as Rohingya until the […]

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The General Election: Where to Go Next

The Ludwig von Mises Centre

The General Election: Where to Go Next
by Sean Gabb
11th June 2017

Since yesterday, I have changed my mind about the result of the General Election. Or I may have changed it. Yesterday, I was ready to suggest a National Government as the only alternative to chaos. That may still be desirable – but not yet. Because I want to go to bed, I will try to be brief.

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Reflections on #G.E.2017

Hobbyist Contrarian

“Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking” — Clement Attlee

Oh Theresa, Theresa, Theresa . . . You had one job! Theresa May, ignoring the better judgement she had earlier in her premiership, decided to press ahead with what proved to be an abortive bleach-fest of an election, ran a campaign that would make Ramsay MacDonald wince, squandered any chance she had of crushing the Labour Party, lost her majority entirely, and just about managed to cling on by allying with a gang of uber-conservative religious leprechauns whose most useful policy suggestion is likely to be remedying the winter fuel shortage by burning Catholics.

She still has no mandate, the leader of the opposition is still a terrorist sympathiser1 and his party is still infested with literal communists of one variety or another; the only thing that’s really changed, thinking…

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The changing political paradigm of the West

Dark age news network

Boomer politics is in a death spiral and the adherents to the old order are doing their best to derail the rising fire of a younger generation. Just like boomers rebelled against their parents to bring us free love and mass migration. The youth are responding in kind by bringing identity to the forefront. Sure there were echoes of identity before generation Y but the champions are really people my age. Nationalism of all sorts and privilege theory are devouring the neo-liberal and neo-conservative census.

2016 brought the rise of civic and ethnic nationalism as well as an identity crisis for the Democratic party. When their chosen woman lost both the election and the recount. No one on their side wanted to acknowledge that the white working class was still a serious political bloc. After why would they consider it? Even mainline republicans ignored them for the most part. Only…

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